Regulator of inhibitory growth of ethylene production

Ingredients: Methyl cyclopropane 3.3%

Is linked to the production of ethylene and enzymes responsible for the maturity of fruits and is considered a new shift in the technology of storage of fruit and transport until it reaches the consumer. Preserves fruits fresh and reduces losses because it prolongs the age of the fruit, which maintains the longest period of fresh fruit remains of vegetables and fruits in addition to the use of flowers.

Usage rate: 1 g / 12 - 16 m 3
Used on all kinds of fruits, flowers, cut flowers and ornamental plants

How to use:

  • It is preferable to store the fruits after the harvest from 3 - 24 hours
  • Be sure to close the store well and there are no openings to allow air
  • Bring a pot of water and fill the half (do not use dehydrated water), keeping in mind that the temperature inside the store is always higher than 0 ° C.
  • Mecypro is set according to the area to extinguish any other device such as carbon dioxide removal devices.
  • We bring the air pump placed in water containers and must go out of the worker immediately after running the pump and close the store
  • The closing period lasts from 12 to 24 hours and depends on the fruit type and temperature
  • After opening the store, the store must be ventilated for 15 minutes to remove any traces of gas

Note: The use of the material is limited to exporting companies