Sega Win


24epi Brassinolide0.002%+Gibberellic Acid A4,A7 0.398%SL


Formulation: Soluble Liquid



SEGAWIN is a new type of growth regulator that maintains flower nodes, increases fruit size, and produces excellent quality.


SEGAWIN leads to:

1- Increase fruit contract and uniform fruit growth

2- Promote fruit growth, improve the quality and appearance of the crop

3 - An increase in the increase in resistance, cold resistance, resistance to resistance, alkali resistance and other negative effects.

4- SEGAWIN is a growth regulator that has a role in stimulating the growth and elongation of plant cells, as it works in conjunction with the hormone auxin has an important role in stimulating seed growth

5- SEGAWIN regulates plant nutrition to move from branches and leaves to flowers and fruits in the event of excessive growth of branches and leaves and the growth of flowers and fruits.

2-     SEGAWIN can effectively and directly transfer the nutrients to the fruit in order to accelerate the nutrient stimulation process.




Rates (ml/200 L water)

Watermelon, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, garlic

150- 250

Grapes, strawberries

100 – 150

Apples, pears

150 – 200

Peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots

100 - 200