Indoxacarb ( DPX-KN 128) 0.05% Granules

Indoxyhealth is an ant killer that works to disrupt the arrival of nerve cells (direct shock), leading to the killing of the insect.

Indoxyhealth is used both indoors and outdoors and in places where ants are a problem.

Indoxyhealth destroys the entire colony of ants.

Indoxyhealth Mechanism:

  • The colony stops working and grows and begins to die.
  • The bait attracts ants searching for food for the colony.
  • Ants take the bait to the colony and feed on it by the queen and the rest of the colony's workers.
  • This results in the cessation of the problem of the presence of ants from their roots.

How to use:

Places of use pest Dose
Inside houses such as kitchens and places of insects - storage places such as Attitudes- Adjustments Ants, crickets, silver fish, Earwigs 1.5-6 gm/ m2
Cockroaches 1.5-6 gm/ m2
Outdoors - Public places - Airports - Play places and parks Ants, crickets, Cockroaches 3-6 gm/ m2