Greenex: Breaks the sleep phase and stimulates early and similar propulsion

Greenx: A local effect on the buds and what is absorbed inside the plant is a body of ammonia, which turns into nitrite ion, which enters the synthesis of amino acids and build plant tissues (the effect of fertilizer)

Greenx: has a role in improving the physical and chemical properties such as the size and color of fruits and the proportion of sugar and soluble solids.

Greenex: It is used on the plant and has no residual effect.

Greenx: regulates flowering in trees and increases the opening of lateral buds.

Greenex: works on the early production of grapes, which prolongs the marketing period for grapes.

Usage rate:

Crop Dose ml / L Water Method of application
Grapes 25 - 50 At Dormancy stage during 30 - 40 day's before bud bloom
Apple , Pear 20 - 40
Peach , Plums 5 - 50
kiwi 40 - 60