Imidacloprid 70% WDG

Formulation Type: Water Dispersible Granule

Systemic insecticide, with contact and stomach action, Acts as an antagonist by binding to postsynaptic nicotinic receptors in the insect central nervous.


CROP Pest Application soil irrigation Dose gm/ 20 L water PHI
Citrus Aphid, red scale, psylla 3 -5 g/ tree Mixed the required in 1 L and apply around the base of trunk 4-9 10
Tomato Whitefly 5g/20Lwater , apply 100ml to each plant stem base 2-3 7
Grapes ,eallybugs 0.75g/500ml /vine within 30 days after harvest 1-2 14
Apple, pear Wolly aphid 0.5g/tree (below 6 years) Soil pplication 2 7
1.5 g/tree(7 – 15) within 3 weeks after flowering 9 7
Potato if used seeds Aphid 2.25g/ 100 m row length ,spray in the furrow befor planting 2 7
Cabbage, cauliflower Aphid 38g/ 20L , apply 600 ml from mixture to the seedling tray 2-3 7