Mite Quick

Fenpyroximate 5% SC

Formulation Type: Suspension Concentrate

Quick knockdown activity against larvae, nymphs and adults, mainly by contact and ingestion. Also some moulting inhibitory activity on nymphs. Inhibitor of mitochondrial electron transport at complex I.

Crop Pest Dosage ml / 20 L water PHI
Eggplant , peppers , tomato, orka Mite, Whiteflies 22-44 3 day
Muskmelon, watermelon Mite, Whiteflies 22-44 3 day
Citrus Psylla, mealybugs, leafminer, thrips, rust mite, Leafhopper 22-44 14 day
Pear , apple Mite, mealybugs, Psylla, Leafhopper 22-44 14 day
,cherry , plum, almond Mite 22-44 14 day
Grape Mite, mealybugs, Leafhopper 22-44 14 day