Green Mure

Difenconazole 15 gm/L + propiconazole 15 gm/L EC

Emulsion Concentrate

Systemic, preventive and curative fungicide, mixture from two fungicides for control powdery mildew, spot leaf , leaf blight and brown rot.

Absorbed by the leaves, with acropetal and strong translaminar translocation. Sterol demethylation inhibitor. Inhibits cell membrane ergosterol biosynthesis, stopping development of the fungus.

Crop Pests Dose /20 L water PHI / day
Wheat Spot Alalturnara 4-5 21
Leaf Spot (Sptoria) 4-5
Powdery mildew 4-5
Citrus Spot leaf alalturnara , 5-10 21
Onions and garlic Rust , leaf Blight , blotch 5-7 7
Almonds Brown rot Spotting Alalturnara, powdery mildew, Alantheraknuz , spot leaf 4-7 21
Watermelon spot leaf 5 21
Beet spot leaf, powdery mealy 7-10 21