Cymoxanil 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WP

Formulation: Wettable Powder

Systemic, preventive and curative fungicide, mixture from two fungicides, for control downy mildew and blights. Inhibits sporulation.

Mancozeb: Broad-spectrum, non-systemic fungicide with protective action. Reacts with, and inactivates, the sulfhydryl groups of amino acids and enzymes of fungal cells, resulting in disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration and production of ATP.

Cymoxanil: Foliar fungicide with protective and curative action. Has contact and local systemic activity, and also inhibits sporulation.

Crop Pest Doses gm /20 l water Phi
Tomato Late blight 60 10
Grape Downy mildew 60 10
Cucumber Downy mildew 60 10
Potato Late blighrt 60- 80 10