Seven Star

Azoxystrobin 50% WDG

Formulation Type: Water Dispersible Granule

Fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar and systemic properties. Inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth, and also shows antisporulant activity.

Quinone outside inhibitor. Inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transfer between cytochrome b and cytochrome c1, at the ubiquinol oxidising site.

CROP DISEAS DOSAGE ml/ 20 L water PhI/ day
Tomatoes Powdery mildew, early blight, late blight 4-6 3
Grape Powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold 7.5-10 14
Peach , apricot , nectarine ,plums ,cherry Powdery mildew, leaf rust, alternaria spot, Scab 15-20 14
Potato early blight, late blight 5-6 ----
Cucurbits early blight, late blight 8-12 1